Never Blue Metalworks' Shipping Policy

Each item’s weight determines it’s shipping cost, so if one purchases more than one item, the total weight of those items combined will determine the shipping cost, and we add an additional $7 to cover the boxes and wrapping; metal signs can break through mishandled boxes easily, so we take extra precautions to ensure that you get the product in excellent condition.  The products are shipped, typically, USPS Priority Ground; however, some items cannot be shipped and/or accrue a large shipping charge due to the freight’s  weight and/or extra-large, packaging dimensions, so please note that neither are all items shippable nor do they can their cost be properly stated (i.e.-custom pieces’ shapes, sizes, weights, etc., are yet to be determined, and a firepit’s weight can differ, like yard art sculptures).  Never Blue Metalworks, LLC reserves the right to increase the final shipping cost.  Our goal is to ship the product to our customer, so we do not intend to make a profit here.  However, we cannot lose monies on custom shipped items, so if your purchase’s shipping charge ends up being higher than your e-store checkout, Never Blue Metalworks, LLC will invoice you for the difference, and once paid, the parcel will ship out; any customer that refuses to pay any additional shipping differences will have the order canceled and held until payment; Never Blue Metalworks, LLC reserves this right. 

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