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Q & A

What does the design process cost, entail, etc.?  

Answer:  Never Blue Metalworks charges a flat $35 design fee for new and original pieces; this fee will grant the customer TWO, maybe THREE, design options--all contingent upon the design processes' needs: size, colors, layers, placement, etc..  If the design process needs to go through additional design time, modifications, and options, additional fees can be assessed for any and all modifications, alterations, etc., and Never Blue Metalworks claims all rights and uses to its own custom created designs, which Never Blue Metalworks will denote as a "WaterGoat Original Design".  Please understand that this design fee can be invoiced as a service, and all images, designs, creations, etc., that Never Blue Metalworks makes and designs for a customer can neither be duplicated and/or copied in any form by any one else other than Never Blue Metalworks LLC. 

What if you see something you like? What if and you need alterations....

Answer:  Please contact us, telling us what piece you like, what size, finish, etc., and we can finalize your needs.  Basics script changes: Name, Date, Etc., do not incur charges.  Major modifications and overhauls can be done, and prices will alter accordingly.  

What do I do if I'm having problems viewing the site with a mobile device or a tablet:

Answer:  Please go to the web browser's option screen, and select the "view as desktop site" option

Do you offer Local Pick-up?: 

Answer:  Yes, we do offer a local pick-up option, but these customers need to contact us for a pick-up code.  

Billing and Installation: 

Answer:  Never Blue Metalworks expects payment upon completion of fabricated project(s). Many projects require both sand blasting and powder coating to ensure a long lasting and durable finish; however, the finish is separate from Never Blue Metalwork's fabrication commitment.  The same applies top install.  Never Blue Metalworks neither guarantees nor offers installation.  Yes, we, working in a compensated fashion by request of the client, will assist with installation input and any additional hired services (on-site welding).  Nevertheless, due to HOA rules, local County permit restrictions and requirements, prior clearance with 811, utility clearance and access, having access to the NECESSARY EQUIPMENT on site at all times necessary for any construction and installation days. 


Never Blue Metalworks may send an individual, persons, group, or entity a proposal, that upon acceptance, will turn into an electronic working contract and invoice, which can be paid within the denoted time frame.  We do not refund custom work, and we reserve the right to charge a 10% Late Fee for those who do not pay within the assigned pay period of an agreed upon contract/invoice. 

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