Never Blue's Finish Options

Raw Unfinished Steel

This finish leaves all finalizing options up to the customer; Never Blue will knock any slag off from CNC cuts, but any surface scratches, protective pickled coating, rust, etc., will not be addressed, and the prices will reflect the customer choosing to finish the item his or herself. 


Professional Coat Options-Premier Coatings East

Never Blue Metalworks offers many items with a professional and industrial finish, from a wet spray post primer to a powder coated finish, which is a baked-on, permanent finish.  We utilize the services of an industrial and commercial coating service--Premier Coatings East in Forest City, NC, and although these coaters are almost 2 hours from us, John and his crew sandblast each piece, prime it with a zinc primer, and spray the final finish option.  They can do custom colors too, but we need to make arrangements in advance in case the colors need to be ordered, and these instances may cost more due to special ordering.  Nevertheless, John provides a great service, and John takes care of your pieces from drop off to finish, Adam does an awesome job painting each piece no matter what we throw at him, and Chad ensures things are packaged and/or palleted for shipping and handling, regardless if its local or freight transportation.  John works hard to make any job possible, Adam helps us with paint and pricing, and Chad never fails to impress with wrapping and packaging our over and undersized pieces.  We cannot say enough about these guys and their crew; they've taken everything from 60+ft of railings to over 200 custom industrial stands.  Premier Coatings never fails to deliver, and that is why Never Blue Metalworks uses  their services, one that will last a lifetime vs a traditional paint method.  In order to ensure a great paint job, Never Blue takes every step to prep, clean and wrap each piece before it heads off to powder coating, where we work with another local business to provide a great product with a great finish at a great price.  Please be aware that some colors are limited, sometimes dependent upon piece, so please take note when ordering as to the finish options.  If a custom or different color or application coating option is desired, Never Blue will coordinate with Premier Coatings East, and they are responsible for all coating work and warrantying.    

Rust, rust, moreRust

This choice means what it says: the item itself and/or the components that comprises it will be rusty, aged, painted, etc.—in their as-close-to-original-picked state.  Never Blue Metalworks will do what it takes to create the item desired, leaving the finish as-is upon completion, so no coatings will be applied, which allows the item to continue rusting.  Please note some items will be rustier than others.

Brushed Steel Clean with Spray Can Clear Coat

Never Blue Metalworks cleans the item by hand with a wire brush wheel on a grinder, working to clean up weld marks from construction; however, some areas cannot be reached due to a grinding wheel’s limitations, and Never Blue Metalworks has artistic control on leaving any original patina, paint, etc., before placing a spray can, enamel-clearcoat finish on the item, and the customer acknowledges that this elected type of finish is neither permanent nor guarantees any rusting, especially if the item purchased is placed outside.   

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