These are pre-bent and powder coated, ready for you to slide a board through after mounting, making for a quick DIY shelf.  We encourage you to purchase a raw milled board at your local hardware store and cut it to your desired length.  The shelf can always be made larger or smaller depending upon your wall space and moving one bracket further out or closer in toward the other.  


Please note that these are built on standard 1' wood shelving board measurements, so pick the one that works best for you.  You can puchase these as a DIY kit, but remember that the metal will be raw, unprocessed and you will be responsible for bending the tabs in at a 90 degree so they can mount, but this DIY option is reflected in the price.  


The prices reflect the purchase of 2 Brackets, not one; they are sold in pairs. 


If you have an idea, please contact us; we would love to create some new themes and/or ideas for you. 

Pair of Modern Single-Shelf Brackets

  • Never Blue Metalworks neither accepts returns nor makes exchanges on any and all custom work, so please ensure that you made the right selections (size, finish, etc.) before placing any order.  Any damage accrued during shipping and/or any mishship issues will be promptly dealt with by Never Blue Metalworks.  

  • Never Blue wants you to be happy with your product for a ‘lifetime’, so Never Blue cuts out CNC signs and/or this piece, unless otherwise stated or discussed, from 1/8” inch steel plate, which provides more durability and longevity vs. competitors’ choice of thinner metal.  Never Blue asks that each customer read product descriptions carefully before ordering, working to ensure an order’s correctness: size, finish, etc.