Pens, pencils, paint brush holders

Herb Garden




We make these in variety of end caps, so if you have an idea or want something custom, simply contact us. 


Once you have this handy, decorative piece, you only need the following: jars, clamps, screws, and a piece of common mill board from your local hardware store; this boards extremely cheap, and makes for a great look unsanded, but painted or stained; otherwise, eithe sand to preference of purchase a different wood option of your liking.  The ten screws will hold the bracket down, which holds the clamps, which holds the jars, and I don't know why the old lady swallowed the fly.   

Mason Jar Planter Rack

  • Never Blue Metalworks neither accepts returns nor makes exchanges on any and all custom work, so please ensure that you made the right selections (size, finish, etc.) before placing any order.  Any damage accrued during shipping and/or any mishship issues will be promptly dealt with by Never Blue Metalworks.  

  • Never Blue wants you to be happy with your product for a ‘lifetime’, so Never Blue cuts out CNC signs and/or this piece, unless otherwise stated or discussed, from 1/8” inch steel plate, which provides more durability and longevity vs. competitors’ choice of thinner metal.  Never Blue asks that each customer read product descriptions carefully before ordering, working to ensure an order’s correctness: size, finish, etc.