This two-piece name sign allows you to customize it anyway you want.  Grab some double-sided tape, and place the name in any orientation on the letter you want, using the same tape to stick both items to any surface.  You can even separate them, placing them both in different locations or together.  Kids love the idea of being able to orient it the way they want, and these make for great nursery gifts.  


Since letters differ in shape and size, most backdrop letters will range from 20"x16" to a 20"x20", and the full name may stretch out to 24" wide, so price is based upon you receiving both pieces; you just need to select the whether or not you want it coated and what color scheme. 


* The double-sided tape IS included and attached to the letters, but we are not responsible for misplacement. 

DIY Two-Piece Name Sign

  • Never Blue Metalworks neither accepts returns nor makes exchanges on any and all custom work, so please ensure that you made the right selections (size, finish, etc.) before placing any order.  Any damage accrued during shipping and/or any mishship issues will be promptly dealt with by Never Blue Metalworks.  

  • Never Blue wants you to be happy with your product for a ‘lifetime’, so Never Blue cuts out CNC signs and/or this piece, unless otherwise stated or discussed, from 1/8” inch steel plate, which provides more durability and longevity vs. competitors’ choice of thinner metal.  Never Blue asks that each customer read product descriptions carefully before ordering, working to ensure an order’s correctness: size, finish, etc.